ELYT Frequently Asked Questions / Update: 01.06.2022

What is ELYT? ELYT is a new generation of earning, customer loyalty and marketing platform. ELYT creates a connection between Influencer, Users and Brands. ELYT utilizes some Web3 technologies with a unique approach and uses NFTs.
What makes ELYT different? With a distinctive business model, ELYT solves the problem of a falling floor price of NFTs. In addition, ELYT allows any user to create a profile account without requiring a cryptocurrency wallet. Users can acquire NFTs and conduct transactions on ELYT. This innovative method, ELYT, builds a bridge between Web2 and Web3.
How to open an account on ELYT? There are multiple ways to open an ELYT account. You can connect to ELYT with one of your recent accounts, such as Twitter, Twitch, Telegram, Facebook, Discord, your email address, or your mobile phone number. You can also connect to ELYT with your Metamask account and create a profile.
How do I add my other social media / Metamask accounts to my ELYT account? After creating your ELYT account with any option, you can define your other accounts by using the My Social Accounts section at the bottom of your account management page.
How can I edit my ELYT Profile? After logging into your ELYT account, you can define your account details by using the Profile section at the bottom of your account management page.
I accidentally created different profiles with different connection methods. How can I fix this? ELYT provides several options for creating a profile. If you have created multiple profiles using different methods and want to consolidate these methods into a single main account, please specify a main profile account. Then, login to the profile you want to unlink your connection method. On the My Social Media Accounts page, connect a new Metamask account to this profile, and disconnect the other connection method. You can now link the removed connection method to your main profile. The NFTs from the disconnected profile will not be migrated; you must manually transfer these NFTs to the other account.
What kind of NFTs are included under ELYT? Apart from its own NFTs, ELYT offers you many different NFT options by working with Influencers and Brands. Those NFT options are divided into three basic categories: Decks, Cards, and Gifts. The decks contain various cards and gifts can be bought with the collections created with these cards.
How can I find Influencers and Brands on ELYT? You can access all Influencers and Brands on the platform from the Influencers option in the ELYT main menu.
How can I discover NFTs on ELYT? You can explore all NFTs on the platform with the Explore option in the ELYT main menu.
How can I have NFT on ELYT? There are various methods to have NFT on ELYT;
  • Follow various Twitch channels to get free decks
  • Subscribe to various Twitch channels to get free decks
  • Subscribing to various Youtube channels to get free decks
  • Use Serial Codes to get free decks
  • Pay with AVAX to buy decks
Where do I get Serial Codes for free NFTs? Serial Codes are distributed at a variety of events, live broadcasts, and via various platforms.
How can I find out which Twitch or Youtube channels earn free NFT? In the Explore section under ELYT, you can view all relevant free NFTs on ELYT by ticking Free NFTs in the left hand filter or directly using this link .
Why can't I get free NFT Packs by Influencers To receive some free NFT Packages from some Influencers, you must be a paid subscriber to those Influencers' Twitch or Youtube channels. Influencers only give away free NFT Packages to their followers who are paid subscribers to the relevant media channel. Please make certain that you meet this requirement. The "Get Free" buttons and descriptions of such packages will be updated as soon as possible to be more informative for our users.
What should I do to purchase an NFT sold with AVAX? You must enter the My Wallet section under your ELYT Profile page. Here you can deposit AVAX to your account on the platform with two different options.
  • By transferring directly if you have linked your Metamask account
  • By sending from any Avalanche C-Chain address with the deposit option.
Can I transfer AVAX directly from Cryptocurrency Exchanges to ELYT? Yes, you can. However, you should make sure that the cryptocurrency exchange you will send to has Avalanche C-Chain support. ELYT currently does not allow AVAX transfers via Avalanche X-Chain.
Will Avalanche X-Chain be supported? Currently, Avalanche X-Chain is not supported. In the future, this option can be evaluated and implemented considering user demands.
Will other blockchain networks be supported besides Avalanche? Yes, integration with different blockchain networks will be provided in the future.
Is it safe to deposit AVAX on ELYT? The infrastructure of ELYT has been designed professionally and has passed numerous audits. The hot and cold wallet structure of ELYT has been meticulously designed, and 85 percent of the assets in ELYT wallets are protected on the cold wallets. Users can deposit and withdraw AVAX at any time to their ELYT wallet.
Where can I see my ELYT wallet transactions? You can see all your wallet activities by entering the My Logs section under your ELYT Profile page.
How long does it take to deposit and withdraw ELYT AVAX? ELYT AVAX deposits and withdrawals take less than a minute.
What can I do with the NFT Decks I bought on ELYT? All digital assets on ELYT are designed in NFT standard. For an NFT Package you have purchased;
  • You can get the cards inside your NFT Deck by opening it.
  • You can transfer your NFT Deck to another address on the ELYT platform.
  • You can list your NFT Deck for sale with AVAX
  • You Can Mint Your NFT Deck
How do cards come out of an opened NFT Deck? Each NFT Deck on ELYT has a distinct structure. An opened NFT Deck is burned (removed from the system), but all cards that come out of it are identified as a new NFTs for the user. These cards can have varying rarities and properties.
What can I do with NFT Cards on ELYT? All digital assets on ELYT are designed in NFT standard. For an NFT Card you have;
  • You can transfer your NFT Card to another address on the ELYT platform.
  • You can list your NFT Card for sale with AVAX
  • You Can Mint Your NFT Card
  • You can use your NFT Card to create a collection to buy a gift?
What does it mean to create a collection to receive gifts? Many gift options are offered to users on ELYT. To receive these gifts, ELYT users need to create a collection with various cards. On each gift page, users are shown which cards they need to receive that gift and how many of those cards they have.
How do I fill in missing cards to complete a collection? When you click on one of the missing cards, you will be taken to the card's detail page. This page lists decks that contain that card. You can purchase these decks using the options provided, and you can try to find this card by opening the decks. Remember that not every card is included in every deck; the cards are classified based on their rarity levels, and the likelihood of which cards will emerge from a deck is displayed on the relevant deck page. ELYT users can also complete a collection by purchasing missing cards from other users who have the same card. ELYT users can also obtain cards by creating a general purchase order for a missing card and having one of the users holding that card respond to this offer. ELYT functions as an NFT exchange thanks to this feature.
How do I get my gift after completing a card collection? If you have completed the collection required to receive a gift, you will be notified on the relevant gift page that you have fulfilled the necessary conditions to receive that gift, and you can then request that gift. When this is done, the Gift is identified as an NFT to the user, and the NFT Cards issued to receive the Gift are destroyed (completely removed from the system).
What can I do with an NFT Gift I bought on ELYT? All digital assets on ELYT are designed in NFT standard. For an NFT Gift you have;
  • You can convert your NFT Gift into a digital or physical gift.
  • You can transfer your NFT Gift to another address on the ELYT platform.
  • You can list your NFT Gift for sale with AVAX
  • You Can Mint Your NFT Gift
How can I convert a gift NFT into a digital or physical product? A Gift NFT is burned (completely removed from the system) as soon as it is used (Redeem), and the person using that Gift NFT is presented with a unique code and description text. The user can reach his digital or physical gift with the code he has by following the instructions given to him.
Why are NFTs burned in various transactions on ELYT? ELYT provides a viable business model for NFTs. The limited number of NFTs will be reduced by burning them after they have served their purpose. As the total volume decreases, we anticipate that this approach will increase the value of the remaining NFTs.
What does NFT Minting mean? ELYT NFTs are created in NFT standards but securely stored on a centralized structure. Users must perform Minting in order to migrate an NFT to the blockchain network. To mint, your Metamask wallet must be connected to the ELYT platform and your ELYT wallet balance must be at least 0.1 AVAX. The corresponding NFT is created on the Avalanche Blockchain network after minting and can be withdrawn to your Metamask wallet.
Why do I need AVAX on my account to Mint NFT? For on-chain transactions, ELYT currently utilizes the Avalanche Blockchain Network. Every transaction that occurs here has a cost. As a result, an NFT Minting transaction incurs a fee of 0.01 AVAX, which is deducted from the account of the user who is minting the NFT.
Why would I want to withdraw an NFT from the ELYT platform to my wallet? Because of the nature of the blockchain ecosystem, a user has complete control over his or her NFT. ELYT protects and stores NFTs for users, but the user is free to take this liability. Following the minting process, he/she can withdraw any NFTs to his/her Metamask wallet and perform any transactions on his/her wallet.
How can an NFT withdrawn to Metamask wallet be transferred back to ELYT? If you are connected to ELYT with the Metamask wallet containing the relevant NFT, you can go to that NFT's page and load it back to ELYT from the section showing the NFTs you own.
Why do I get an error when transferring an NFT onto ELYT? On ELYT, NFT transfers are only possible between addresses on the system. If the recipient address to which you want to transfer NFT does not belong to an ELYT account, the transfer will fail. To send NFT to addresses other than ELYT, first mint the relevant NFT, withdraw it to your Metamask wallet, and then send it using the traditional method.
How can I transfer an ELYT NFT to another ELYT user on the ELYT Platform? You must enter the wallet address of the ELYT Profile of the user to whom you wish to transfer the NFT. After logging into a profile on ELYT, the wallet address of that profile can be found on My Wallet page by clicking on DESPOSIT button. You can transfer any NFT to this user by going to the page of the NFT you want to send, you should use the ELYT Wallet address with the Transfer function of that NFT.
Why are NFTs created and traded in a centralized system on ELYT? Millions of people have never used blockchain applications or have a cryptocurrency wallet. ELYT makes it possible for those users to have NFTs in the simplest way possible. However, in order to accomplish this, ELYT infrastructure must function in a custodial manner. Furthermore, ELYT allows all of its users to mint their NFTs and freely move them off the platform.
What information does ELYT save? ELYT stores the information you share on your profile page and information about your transactions on the platform. You can access detailed information in our User and Confidentiality Agreements.
How do I secure my ELYT account? You should ensure that you have complete control over your social media accounts, e-mail , mobile phone number and Metamask account. For NFT and AVAX withdrawals, ELYT uses two-factor authentication (2FA), but if your social media accounts or Metamask wallet account that you use to connect to ELYT are compromised in any way, malicious people may gain access to your ELYT account. Similarly, if malicious individuals gain access to your 2FA methods, they will be able to withdraw your assets from the platform. Users are responsible for safeguarding their accounts and 2FA tools.
Will ELYT Platform offer a Token? In the future, we will share details about the ELYT Token structure, economy and utilization.
Will ELYT make an AirDrop? Why not? If we were you, we would create a complete profile and try to do as many transactions as possible ;)
How can I get in touch with ELYT Platform? You can contact us with the forms at the footer section of our site, and share your questions, suggestions and problems with us.